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    金宝搏188官网app网址‘Capital, Hill,’ said La Touche. ‘Your own mother wouldn’t know you.’


    He sent his advertisement to several papers, then, going to the H?tel St. Antoine, engaged a room in the name of M. Guillaume Faneuil.
    The problem the young clerk had to solve was threefold. First, he had to go to Fenchurch Street to report the matter to his managing director. Next, he must ensure that the cask was kept in the Company’s possession until that gentleman had decided his course of action, and lastly, he wished to accomplish both of these things without raising the suspicions either of Felix or the clerks in the quay office. It was not an easy matter, and at first Broughton was somewhat at a loss. But as they entered the office a plan occurred to him which he at once decided on. He turned to his companion.
    M. Boirac paused.


    1.‘If I tell you everything will you not arrest me?’ His fright was pitiable.
    2.‘On receipt of this letter please hand it over to Mr. Felix without further delay.
    3.‘From M. Felix himself. He gave it to Mr. Burnley here, saying it was from you.’
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